Halfass Kingdom

HALFASS KINGDOM is an original animated sitcom concept following in the spirit of THE SIMPSONS and FAMILY GUY. It follows the (mis)adventures of a lower-middle class family, the Lowry's, each of whom seems to live in their own little world.


The animated short "Commute" focuses on Rick Lowry, the father, whose main outlets for expression are hunting and outracing other commuters...unfortunately for him, he isn't terribly adept at either.

Featuring the vocal talents of Karen Kahler, Daryn Broussard and S. L. Broussard, "Commute" was also voice-directed by industry legend Wally Burr.




Watch "Commute"below:



Further animated shorts, currently in pre-production, will introduce other characters
in the family and their unique foibles.



HALFASS KINGDOM is registered with the Writers Guild of America - West (WGAW), registry number 1629097.
All rights reserved.


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